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Fortunately, there are long copper wires running underneath the oceans which made geographical location irrelevant, as long as you have the right clearance.

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This is Nadine Furst, reporting direct from Lieutenant Eve Dallas's office in the Homicide Division of Cop Central.

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Even more so than before, she had to wonder if it had merely been a figment of her imagination.

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I felt some of that anger, the last season in Aarenis and when he came to Fin Panir.

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The whole area was like that, twisty, turning, branching and rebranching.

She nearly managed to clear it away, but her voice stuttered dangerously.

And most of them carried CO2 guns with extra spears in quivers strapped to their legs.

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The operator grinned hugely, showing off teeth that screamed an abhorrence for basic dental hygiene.

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super duper!

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Chargers are cool, Bears aren’t anymore.

Chargers are cool, Bears aren’t now because of Cutler.. he’s a dufus!

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Blog Rules

everything we say is doctrine.

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Bolts are Ready to Shock you!

Welcome to the Chargers Blog.

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Not only do they wish to know in detail what I plan to do when we reach Haven, they wish to know things that have no bearing on our mission.

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Tipperton grinned and saluted, receiving a like grin in return, but on all sides the Foul Folk snatched up weapons and scrambled to their feet, only to meet Dwarves with weapons in hand scrambling up as well, the men yet floundering.

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